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What’s the difference between damp rating and wet rating?

All of our ceiling fans are rated for dry, damp and wet locations.


DAMP rating requirements: (Interior locations protected from weather and subject to moderate degrees of moisture, such as basements, barns, cold storage warehouses, screened in or covered porch, etc…. not in direct rain):

  • Stainless Steel hardware throughout the fan.
  • Metal parts are treated prior to painting to resist possible rusting.
  • No plated finishes, only painted finishes.
  • All surfaces of metal parts are painted.

WET rating requirements: (Location unprotected and exposed to the weather. You can spray a wet rated fan off with a garden hose, or have in direct rain):

  • All damp requirements apply.
  • Different motor is required. Motor with no vent holes “totally enclosed”.
  • Downrod to fan connection must be watertight so water does not pass down thru the motor shaft.
  • Plastic (or other weather resistant) blades required.
  • Wiring connections inside switch cup require crimps wrapped with plastic bag. No molex plugs or wire nuts.
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