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How do I select a light fixture?

Selecting a light fixture is not easy and we are always happy to help. We've determined that light fixtures can serve three primary functions: provide ambiance, task lighting, or purely decorative. To select a light fixture, its best to determine what function your light will be used for.

Ambiant Lighting - These lights provide general light for a room. They tend to be softer and throw light into each corner of the room. Surface mounts and pendants with globes or exposed light bulbs serve this best. They also tend to sit above eye level.

Task Lighting - Task lighting is directional lighting that is directed at a surface and doesn't tend to spill anywhere else. Lights pointed at a wall or a counter top are considered task lights. Wall sconces and pendants with metal shades are the best use of task lighting.

Decorative Lighting - As it sounds, this lighting is meant to accent the beautiful features of a room. From wall sconces framing a piece of art to a decorative chandelier, these are the fixtures you want at eye level as they elevate the feel of a room. 

After you have determined the use of your light, all that is left is to determine what fixture you want.

1. Choose a style

Find the fixture style that fits your application, such as a pendant light, surface mount, or sconce. Note its name and model number, as well as the fitter size (if applicable). 

2. Select a finish

With a variety of finishes to choose from, you can create the look you want for your space. Choose which finish is most suitable for you. 

3. Choose your shade (if applicable)

If your light fixture does not come with shade included (specified on product page) you will get the chance to choose a shade. Pay close attention to the fitter size of your fixture as the shade's fitter size must match the fixture's. Also note the shade's height and width to make sure that it will fit your space and to assist in determining your overall fixture length. 

4. Specify fixture length and overall length (if applicable)

If you have chosen a pendant or chandelier, you will need to choose a length for your fixture. 

Overall length refers to the length from the top of the light fixture (where it attached to the ceiling) to the bottom of the fixture's shade. Fixture length refers to the length of the fixture without the added shade (this is only applicable to fixtures that do NOT include a shade). 

Once you determine how long you want your fixture to hang (overall length), subtract the shade height to determine fixture length. (overall length) - (shade height) = fixture length. 

Please note, fixtures built to a specified length are considered custom and non-returnable. 

After you place an order for your light, we will manufacture and ship your order to your requested specifications. Lead times for each fixture are noted on the product pages after you have made your selections. Once completed, we will ship your order and send you a tracking confirmation. After that, have your electrician install and enjoy your new light!


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