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How do I care for my fixture?

Your fixture should only need a light dusting on occasion to stay beautiful. If it does need to be cleaned, be sure to use only the mildest soaps, softest cloths and gentle pressure.

Nickel finishes may develop a whitish patina over time that is easily removed with ammonia, or an approved metal polishing cleaner such as Never Dull.

Your brass fixtures should not require more than a light dusting with a microfiber cloth. We do not recommend using any ammonia based cleaners as they will damage the lacquer.

Like our fixtures, glass shades should only require an occasional dusting. However, if it does need a little more attention the shade can be washed with warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft cloth. Please take extra care when washing art glass, hand-painted, and decorated shades since abrasive cleaners could damage the finish.

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