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How many rolls of wallpaper should I order?

It is very important to order the accurate number of rolls, as colors might vary between lots (read more about lot numbers here). Please don't hesitate to email our Customer Success team with the wall dimensions (height and width) of each wall you'd like to cover with wallpaper and we can calculate how many wallpaper rolls or removable wallpaper tiles you'll need for you. It can be a bit complicated to figure out and we're very happy to help! As a general rule of thumb, each wallpaper roll covers approximately 45-50 square feet once trim and pattern repeat are factored in, but this can vary depending on wall height and other factors.

How to determine the number of wallpaper rolls you need for traditional wallpaper:

  1. Measure your walls - make sure you have an accurate measurement in inches of height and width of the portion of the wall you'll be covering. Sometimes it helps to draw a rough sketch to use while you do your calculations.
  2. Determine the number of strips you'll need - Our wallpapers are all 27" wide. Once you have the width of your wall in inches, take the width and divide by 27. This will give you the number of strips of wallpaper that you will need. Remember to always round up!
  3. Determine how many strips you can get out of a roll - This can be the tricky part as it depends on the repeat of your wallpaper. The repeats on our wallpapers vary between 18" to 36", so be sure to check the product measurements. 1. To determine the approximate number of repeats per roll, divide 360 (30' times 12") by the repeat of your wallpaper. 2. Take the height of your wall in inches and add 4-5 inches to account for trim on top and bottom. Then divide by the repeat - this will give you the number of repeats you need in each strip. 3. Then divide the number of repeats per roll by the number of repeats you need per strip which will give you the number of strips you'll be able to get out of each roll.
  4. Last, just take the number of strips you'll need from Step 2 and divide by the number of strips you can get out of a roll. Again, always round up!

Please note that if you are wallpapering a wall with a door or window, that square footage rarely factors into the calculation, unless it is a significant portion of the wall.

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